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When Hamlet Saw Sri Anandamayi Ma

What an uncanny phenomenon is this woman!
How penetrating in perception!
How infinite in faculties!
In form and moving how express and admirable!
In action how like an angel!
In apprehension how like a god!
The beauty of the world!
The paragon of  the wise!—
How may I remain close to this quintessence of bliss?


The Power of a Photograph/The Power of Darshan

In the last couple of years
I’ve read whatever books I could get my hands on
Whose subject is Sri Anandamayi Ma

(Her parents gave her the name
Nirmala Sundari
Which means “One of Taintless Beauty”)

Some say this Bengali woman
Was a saint
Others assert a guru

Still others disagree
She was undoubtedly an avatar
No, no, she was the Divine Mother herself Read the rest of this entry »


I regard people who come to me as part of my living body. You are my head, you are my right arm, you my left arm, and you are my right leg and you my left… I don’t feel you as a load, even if you hang on to me. So it is with everyone. Their worries and joys are mine. And their deeds, whatever they may be, are my deeds.
–Sri Ānandamayī Mā


M. K. Gandhi & Sri Anandamayi Ma

Through the sincere efforts of both Kamal Nehru and Sethji, a meeting was arranged between Ma and Mahatma Gandhi. Upon entering his room, Ma cried out, “Father! Your crazy daughter has come to visit you!” Gandhiji received her with open arms and sat holding her hand and together they conversed happily for a long time. He requested her to stay with him longer, but Ma only responded with laughter and quick-witted humor. Read the rest of this entry »


From Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda:

Anandamayi Ma was standing in an open-topped automobile, blessing a throng of about one hundred disciples. She was evidently on the point of departure. Mr. Wright parked the Ford some distance away, and accompanied me on foot toward the quiet assemblage. The woman saint glanced in our direction; she alit from her car and walked toward us. Read the rest of this entry »



Since coming to Sri Ramakrishna, M. had lost all relish for lectures and for books written by English scholars. The only thing that appealed to him now was to see the Master day and night, and hear the words that fell from his blessed lips.


Melita Maschmann, on Sri Anandamayi Ma:

I feel when I travel in a rickshaw through the crowded lanes that everything I see around me does not happen outside me, but within me. The skin enveloping my body has expanded infinitely. It includes everything. I am suddenly reminded of the peculiar physical feeling I had when I saw Ma for the first time. I felt, as if my heart—a physical muscle in my breast—had grown to double its size.

In the Margins of My Book on Sri Anandamayi Ma…

I had written this on page 30:
(date: 5.23.2007)

“Nima hoped I would look at her, Read the rest of this entry »

Basic Instruction for First-Year Residents

Wherever you are
Immerse yourself totally

In one-pointed sādhanā.
–last words of Srī Ānandamayī Mā

Sink or Savor (After the Haitian Poetry Discussion)

This week I’ve had these eerie premonitions
(I really need to say my mantram a few thousand times to Sri Anandamayi Ma)
“Eerie” because of my selfishness
Premonitions that you will be going to San Francisco for the next four+ years of your life and it’s only 2057 miles from here
“Eerie” & disorienting & gotta catch my breath
(“Is there a doctor in the house?”)
Because soon there’ll be no opportunity for
Walking with you in the Central West End
Eating at bistros
Revealing and reveling about reading & writing
And simply seeing your face
And something inside me sinks …

But there you were tonight
Didi to all these academic, pre-med youngsters
You, so serene, so wise, so cool
To come to an event that probably most 4th years would find inconceivable
But why shouldn’t you come
Since you too are a poet
(With a blog to prove it to the entire world wide web) Read the rest of this entry »


The philosophers and scholars said to Sri Anandamayi Ma: “We have studied dry scriptures. But, we now see before us, a living embodiment of all that is contained in our holy books of wisdom.”