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Note from Claire

“To say ‘silence’
in Spanish, you
have to say, ‘yes’
twice. Accept
it. Just as it
sounds without
into it.”


Claire was recently on a five-day Silent Retreat.


A big library really has the gift of tongues
and vast potencies of telepathic communication.
Northrop Frye


Photo Meditation/112

I’ve been reading volume four of Proust’s Selected Letters, translated into English by Joanna Kilmartin. I liked this passage from a letter to a Madame Greffulje–

“When you refused me once before, you gave me a very lame excuse, namely, that a photograph immobilizes and arrests a woman’s beauty. But isn’t that precisely the point to immobilize, or rather, immortalize, a momentary radiance? A photograph is the effigy of eternal youth.”



A P.S. in a Letter from Claire

P.S.  Virginia Woolf
Did not go to graduate school.

Claire Writes Me, After 90 Minutes at Northwest Coffee

You are seed, sower, sown
You are earth

With you I am seed, sower, sown
With you I am earth

Share the Wealth with Claire Peterson: Dancing Joy in the Eternal Ephemeral (Or—Why Everybody and Their Mother Should Take a Dance Class)

“Every faculty, every nerve is bent on communicating a definite idea. Not one iota of energy is wasted in fear.” -Agnes de Mille

This Sunday, I will share what I have learned on my journey with non-professional dance as a lover of story and beauty. Between classical ballet, Lindy Hop, improvisational brimmings-over, and running away from and into dance in El Salvador, I invite you to enter into the joy of movement as holistic, free, and human.

Claire Peterson is a junior at Saint Louis University majoring in English, Spanish, and International Studies.

Join us Sunday 10 April
Potluck dinner begins at 6:00 p.m.
Claire begins sharing at 6:45
At the home of Savannah Sisk
1817 Thurman
Apartment B
First floor, door on the left
Saint Louis, MO
63110 Read the rest of this entry »

My Relationship with the Dictionary by Claire Peterson

Last night in the Dear Layla Writing class, we considered the themes of “Words” and “Reading” as we read aloud part of  the Lexicon and Reading series in my novel.

Claire Peterson wrote the following and I am happy to share it!

My Relationship with the Dictionary

Which one?
Merriam Webster is my go-to on-the-go
I’m trying to define something for a friend and don’t want to give them
A sloppy answer–so I pull the dictionary out of my purse
And hit the screen a few times, and frown. Read the rest of this entry »