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Share the Wealth with Beth Mueller: Negotiating Violence in Scripture: Listening to “Minor” Characters

Oftentimes, people let me know that if they read the Bible, they tend to stray away from the Old Testament.  The violence and destruction in many of these texts can paint a disturbing portrait of a heartless God.  Yet, inviting minor characters to the forefront of violent texts and listening to their stories yields valuable wisdom and insight.  These stories-within-stories shed light on countering violence in our own lives, particularly violence towards those who are marginalized.  We will reflect on and piece through a short text and open up space for discussion.
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Dear Mark

Dear Mark,

Here is my reflection of Dear Layla, I thought at first that I should apologize for the scatter-brained style of writing I’m sure this letter will take. Then I thought, he probably doesn’t mind. So here it is, as it is, in my head.

When you sent me the pdf of Dear Layla I could not wait to read it. After reading The Book of Mev, hearing you speak, drinking coffee with you. I knew it was going to be good. Little thoughts here and there, ideas from different points in time, people met at different places. Somehow beautifully put together to create this one incredible story.

I read Dear Layla in less than 24 hours. And by that I mean I started the moment it arrived in my facebook inbox, and kept reading until my eyes really couldn’t stay open anymore. Then I picked it up again the next day, and read until I was already a few minutes late to class and I remembered we’d be reviewing for our midterm so I should probably go. Then I ran home from class to make myself a sandwich before the next one, only to forget the bread in the toaster because I was too busy reading. Read the rest of this entry »

An Evening with Danielle Mackey

We invite you to join us in welcoming Danielle Mackey back to St. Louis!

An alum of the Casa de la Solidaridad program and Saint Louis University (2008), Danielle has worked in El Salvador with the Share Foundation, the Colegio  Maya, and, currently as a freelance journalist. She is  beginning a major project, “Narratives and the Power of the Organized Transnational Majority.”

Our friends at Sophia House–Maria, Katie, and Annie– are happy to host a potluck dinner and discussion with Danielle on Tuesday 3 July, beginning at 7 p.m.  Katie will make delicious vegan lasagna; the rest of us can contribute what we are able. Sophia House is located at 4547 Gibson Avenue in Forest Park Southeast (63110).

Danielle will begin sharing about her living  and working in El Salvador at 7:45.  She would love to hear people’s own joys and struggles from our experiences, too.

If you have questions, write me back!

Namaste forever,



You can read Danielle’s reflections here: danielleinelsalvador.blogspot.com.