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How To Practice Buddhism in a Nation Perpetually at War

First, deal with your koan:
“Do not kill.
Do not let others kill.
Find whatever means possible
to protect life and prevent war.”

Second, deepen your breathing.

Third, most importantly, build the sangha based on the above.

–from novel-in-process, Our Heroic and Ceaseless 24/7 Struggle against Tsuris

General William Dupuy’s Utter Confidence in the Efficacy of State Terrorism

The solution in Vietnam
is more bombs
more shells
more napalm…
until the other side cracks
and gives up

Christian Apply, Patriots: The Vietnam War Remembered from All Sides

After Watson’s Translation #100 of Han-shan

for Chris

Do you have the scribbles of Shimmelstoy in your bookmarks?
They’re better for you than the Lotus Sutra!
“Like,”  share, and  read them  over and over–
The bodhisattva in those verses is really only you!

Metta for a Psychiatrist

May you be filled with loving kindness
For the kids on the edge of urban doom

May you be well
Unfazed by the hourly bureaucratic hoops

May you be peaceful and at ease
Before the inferno of institutional inanity

May you be happy
For the benefit of each human-miracle-being you see

Gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā!

Just Another Night at Café Illunination

After the talk on Operation Cast Lead
Carla Nguyen and I headed over to Café Illumination
Where we began processing what we heard

We sat outside as it was a balmy night
Odd how calm we felt
After the typical brouhaha and sparks flying

We were surprised
When an older man approached us
“Hi, the name’s Cal…

I saw you at the Palestine speaker
Damn! — That one guy got pretty hot
And no one was there to support him” Read the rest of this entry »

United States of Ch’an (Round up of the Last Week)

Reading Penelope Fitzgerald is ch’an
Stretching out on the beach is ch’an

Quitting your suckey job is ch’an
Sitting and not being productive is ch’an

Befriending your arch-nemesis is ch’an
Attending to your 13th patient of the day is ch’an

Expanding, radiating, and dissolving is ch’an
Remembering to pull out the paintbrush from the enormous pile of stuff is ch’an

Kissing the beloved is ch’an
Washing the lettuce is ch’an

Knocking on the front door is ch’an
Driving with no music  playing is ch’an

Bowing to the ducks in Forest Park is ch’an
Repeating the form 1000 times is ch’an

Texting a troubled friend just the right gatha is ch’an
Drinking a glass of cool water on a 95 degree day is ch’an

Remaining unfazed by the spectacular is ch’an
Smiling while being stood up for 40 minutes is ch’an

Being OK with not being OK is ch’an
Holding your friend’s hand while she’s holding yours is ch’an

Brushing your teeth with brio is ch’an
Swimming one  mile, biking 25, and running six is ch’an

Looking at your tattoo is ch’an
Looking up at the blue, blue sky is ch’an

Seeing Buddhas every which way you look is ch’an
Choosing not to wait til later is ch’an


Zen is the Japanese word
that translates ch’an

which is the Chinese word
that translates dhyana

which is the Sanskrit word
for “meditation.”

“The house of self is on fire,” Buddha said, “Get out!”

The fire escape
For my enflamed mind