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Share the Wealth with Natalie Long–Abogados Descalzados: or, How Latin America Taught Me to Be a People’s Lawyer 

From the period of September 2009-January 2012, I was a law student, a law school drop-out, and a pupil of revolutionary Latin America. I eventually finished my law degree and became a licensed attorney…but only after spending time learning at the feet of communities in Mexico and Guatemala, where people taught me what it means to struggle (and to be a lawyer accompanying those in struggle).

It gives me joy to share the stories of the people who welcomed me into their homes and the lessons they taught me. Please join us for an evening of storytelling, reflection, and fellowship.

Join us
Sunday 26 March
Potluck dinner begins at 6:00 p.m.
Natalie begins sharing at 6:45
At the home of Marty and Jerry King
830 DeMun Avenue, 3rd Floor
Clayton, MO 63105


March 12 Share the Wealth and Ravioli with Erin Szopiak and Chris Wallach

Dear Share the Wealth Friends,

Please join us to share a Sunday meal at Chris Wallach’s country home on Sunday, March 12th beginning at 4:00 pm. Enjoy an afternoon of community togetherness around the preparation of herbed ricotta ravioli and a salad. We ask that you bring one item to add to the salad. The ingredients for the ravioli and lettuce for the salad will be provided.

We will take Erin’s direction in the preparation of this meal. There will be some time to notice the beauty of the countryside in the beginnings of spring or the continuations of winter. Read the rest of this entry »

Coming Up

Friday 3 March: discussion of Svetlana Alexeievich, Secondhand Time: The Last of the Soviets, with Lori and Helen at Handlebar Restaurant

Saturday 4 March: sharing with sangha on In the Buddha’s Words: An Anthology of Discourses from the Pali Canon at Madalyn’s

Sunday 5 March: Share the Wealth with Tony Albrecht—the case for impeaching Donald Trump—at Savannah and Jessie’s

Wednesday 8 March: Spring Writing Class, Good News Variations, begins at New City School for eight weeks


The good news is still that I was able to visit Italy for a four-week honeymoon in 1992

The good news is still that I was able to visit Italy for a four-week honeymoon in 1992

Share the Wealth with Tony Albrecht–Tentative Description of a Dinner Given to Promote the Impeachment of President Trump

During this time when Trump is on the tip of so many American tongues, I’m preparing for an unusually political Share the Wealth. Our conversation this Sunday will not, however, traverse the usual spectrum between liberal and conservative. No talk of Hillary’s emails. No talk about Mr. Trump’s…take your pick.

We will instead dive right into the deep end of the political pool and discuss why the Trump administration could pose an existential threat to our Republic based on their utter disregard for American values that transcend partisan politics, things like the freedom of the press and the separation of powers.

We will discuss what President Trump (and his administration) have done to compel citizens to protest in unprecedented ways. We will talk about how President Trump could realistically be removed from office well before the 2020 election, as impeachment is a topic I’ve become very interested in recently. And most importantly, I’ll share ideas for how you could help make impeachment happen AND engage in a little bit of activism (through writing) with the potential to have a big impact.

Join us for a delicious potluck supper followed by a robust discussion. Perspectives from across the political spectrum are most welcome.

Tony Albrecht is a lawyer and social entrepreneur who recently started Get Out of Our House, a campaign setting out to rally citizens around the single demand that President Trump and his administration be removed from office during 2017. He currently resides in Toronto with his wife Sawil but has returned to St. Louis to engage in the Resistance.

Join us
Sunday 5 March
Potluck dinner begins at 6:00 pm
Tony begins sharing at 6:45
At the home of Jessie and Savannah
714 Limit Avenue
Apartment #1N
Saint Louis, M0 63130


Share the Wealth with Celine Dammond–Lost World of an Egyptian Jew: Reflecting on My Grandma’s Life

Liliane Dammond came to the United States in 1950, 25 years old, recently married and pregnant with my father. Learning English at 14 and studying in England, she was privileged to have no language barrier and access to education. Her focus on family and work dictated her life until retirement, when she decided to share stories of life in 20th century Egypt for Jews. In 1956-57, foreigners (both Jews and Europeans) were expelled from the country. Approximately 30 interviews with Egyptian Jews were transcribed for my grandma’s book, The Lost World of Egyptian Jews. I will share about her life as an Egyptian Jew in the United States, using both personal memories, stories as well as her own writing.

The book was self-published and is available for purchase on Amazon if you’re interested in the topic and stories.

About me: My name is Celine Dammond and I am the daughter of an Egyptian Jewish father and a Danish/British Mormon mother. Neither of my parents practice their religion anymore, however their families were people from separate times in history whose stories echo with a resounding, important similarity: freedom of religion.

Join us
Sunday 19 February
Potluck dinner begins at 6:00 p.m.
Celine begins sharing at 6:45
At the home of Fatima Rhodes
4406 A Laclede
Central West End 63108

Nonna (as I called her) & I, 1992

Share the Wealth 12 February: Stone Soup Dinner at Country Farmhouse

Dear Share the Wealth Friends,

Please join us for a “Stone Soup” meal in Chris Wallach’s beautiful country farmhouse on Sunday, February 12th beginning at 2:00 pm. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon of warm community while cooking up hearty soup. In the spirit of the Stone Soup story, we ask that you bring one vegetable of your choice to add to the soup.

The afternoon will start with peeling, chopping, and baking flatbreads. While the soup simmers, guests are invited to converse, draw, write, and/or walk through the surrounding woods in the fresh country air. The meal itself will likely begin around 4:00 pm.

Please RSVP to Chris Wallach at cwallach@newcityschool.org by Thursday, February 9th. Feel free to invite friends!

We hope to see you there,
Erin Szopiak and Chris Wallach

5 East Lake Rd.
Fenton, MO 63026
Google gets you to the mailbox at the beginning of a gravel road. Follow the gravel. Turn right when you see the first house. Chris is at the bottom of the hill. 314-304-8054 if you need to call or text.

Road to Farmhouse

Share the Wealth with Julia Brucks: What Happens after an Eat-Pray-Love-esque Trip?

There is something about the light and air in France. Matisse spoke of the “Silver clarity of the light in Nice.” Van Gogh said, “The air in France brightens the thoughts and is good for you. A refreshing wind blows here.” After an Eat-Pray-Love-esque trip to France this summer, I have come to the conclusion that the light and air is just not the same here in the Midwest. Our City of the Sun, Cahokia, is as close as it gets.

I’m not the first to fall in love with the sun; the Ancient Egyptians, Celtics, Hindus, Buddhists, and many more all adore(d) the sun. It should be no surprise that Dr C wants to interview me about my love of the sun and the journey that a two week trip to France has taken me on and is still taking me on, shifting how I relate to life and death and existentialism. Phew. Big words. Awfully deep. Should be an interesting enough of a discussion if you got time to join.

A little bit about me – My first name means youthful and last name means bridge. I am a big city girl and fluent in franglish. I hate trivia and love philosophy and politics. I have never craved a hamburger and could live off of cheese and wine and vegetables. I am a daughter, sister, friend, community organizer, and an interior-designer wannabe.

Join us!
Sunday 29 January
Potluck dinner begins at 6:00 p.m.
Julia begins sharing at 6:45
At the home of Celine Shallon
4315A Shaw Boulevard
(On the corner of Tower Grove and Shaw)
Saint Louis


Share the Wealth with Rosabeth Koehn

Mark invited me to do a Share the Wealth after hearing me talk about my experience of Montessori teacher training this past summer. I have completed one of three summers of study at the Montessori Training Center of Minnesota in preparation to be an Elementary Montessori guide. I have worked at City Garden Montessori for the past two years in several capacities–as a substitute and as an assistant guide in Upper Elementary and in Primary (pre-school).

I love to think/talk/read/listen/act about the intersections of Montessori pedagogy, pubic eduction, privilege, oppression, racism, classism, sexism, adultism, etc., etc. If you are interested in any or all of these things (or you’re just my friend and want to be nice), please come to think/talk/read/listen/act with me, and share the wealth!

“An education capable of saving humanity is no small undertaking; it involves the spiritual development of [human beings], the enhancement of [their] value as […] individual[s], and the preparation of young people to understand the times in which they live.” –Maria Montessori, Education and Peace

Join us
Sunday 8 January 2017
Potluck dinner begins at 6:00 p.m.
Rosabeth begins sharing at 6:45
At Sophie House
4547 Gibson Avenue
in Forest Park Southeast
Please park at the west end of Gibson
or on Taylor Avenue, or on the 4400 block of Chouteau.


Share the Wealth with Jessie Sarber: Tired & Inspired

I’m in my late twenties, and I’m deep in the Struggle. A lot of people my age are in it too (though it’s definitely not unique to us): wanting to do something fulfilling with your life, but not being able to make that happen. For some of us, it’s not knowing what the meaningful thing is; for some, it’s not being able to afford to pursue that thing; for some, it’s related to fear of failure. For a lot of us (me!), it’s a combination of these things. What I’m doing now is giving me insights and ideas into what I want my life to include. A big part of that is the writing project I’ve been working on since early August–Tired & Inspired, a guide to using the enthusiasm and inspiration you feel at a fan convention to make daily life more like con life. It’s something I am selling, which sets it apart from all the other writing I’ve done in my life.

At this Share the Wealth, I’ll talk about the purpose and birth story of the Guide (including what a fan convention is–think ComiCon), my process of working on it and where I am now (still in the thick of it), trying to balance it with other projects/life/jobs, and not knowing where I’m going from here.

I am a huge nerd, a writer, an avid reader, and a whole bunch of other descriptors. You can find out more about me at my blog, or by following me on twitter, @jesstothefuture. You can find out more about Tired & Inspired here!

Join us
Sunday 20 November
Potluck dinner begins at 6;00 p.m.
Jessie begins sharing at 6:45
At WeAlign Gathering
4125 Humphrey Street
St. Louis, Missouri 63116
Enter on Humphrey or in the parking lot and enter around back.



Share the Wealth with Maryville Student-Athletes

This Sunday Bekah Anderson (Texas), Sarah Etter (Switzerland), Kine Kleppe (Norway), Cara Rickert (Texas) and Puck Vlaskamp (Netherlands) will share reflections on their many years of tennis youth and team experiences.

Join us
Sunday 13 November
Potluck dinner begins at 6:00 pm.
Bekah, Sarah, Kine, Cara, and Puck begin sharing at 6:45
At the home of Jessie and Savannah
714 Limit Avenue
Apartment #1N
Saint Louis, M0 63130