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Photo Meditation/112

I’ve been reading volume four of Proust’s Selected Letters, translated into English by Joanna Kilmartin. I liked this passage from a letter to a Madame Greffulje–

“When you refused me once before, you gave me a very lame excuse, namely, that a photograph immobilizes and arrests a woman’s beauty. But isn’t that precisely the point to immobilize, or rather, immortalize, a momentary radiance? A photograph is the effigy of eternal youth.”



Colloquium with Cami

Cami and I are taking turns each month sharing something with each other.  Last month I did a session on Gurus, Teachers, and Mentors, and this weekend she shared the following reflections for our writing and sharing together:

Sunday, October 23rd 2016- Northwest Coffee

Writing Prompt: How has photography been a part of your life?  (3 min.)

Reading of first 4 quotations on photography

Writing on one or all of the photographs you brought along  (20 min.) Read the rest of this entry »

Dora, Leah, Bessie

Dora, Leah, & Bessie Salzman; circa 1910

(great-aunts and grandmother)

Ale’s Walls

Ale Vazquez sent me this text and photo:

Mev in my room–I just put them up yesterday! And now when I look at them I think of you and Mev and Angelica and México and la lucha and como estoy/estamos manifestando el derecho de vivir en paz and loved ones that make my heart happy

ale-mev-photosMev’s photographs on Ale’s walls; San Antonio, Texas

Walking West on Maryland to Visit Courtney Barrett at Coffee Cartel

Tree and CWE

Friday 25 March 2016

Where Is She Now?


Alegria scanned

Alegria; Pará, Brazil; 1989

Before Spiritual Exercises Class


Out back waiting for Claire; Gelateria on South Grand

Present Moment

Salvation sees to be a movement toward redemption in the midst of the trials of existence, one moment of peace and tenderness in the midst of daily violence, beautiful music that calms our spirit, a novel that keeps us company, a glass of beer or a cup of coffee shared with one another. These give us the desire to go on living.

–Ivone Gebara,  Out of the Depths:Women’s Experience of Evil and Salvation

Ivone Gebara

photo by Mev Puleo; Recife, Brasil; 1990

Forest Park Community College, F Building, 4th Floor

FPCC F Building

Taken near the elevator

On Loyola’s Fridge

Lo's Fridge

–Thomas Merton, HHDL

Loyola Walter’s apartment

Clifton, Cincinnati, Ohio