Table of Contents, Dear Love of Comrades, v.1

by Mark Chmiel

Beautiful Friendships
This Is It/1
Neighbor with a Shovel
Alive beyond Alive
Before Class
The Glory of the Ordinary
Dear Isabel/1
She Gives Me an Opportunity to Practice
What Gets Her through there Night
Open Invitation
Cece’s Smile
Safety First
40 out of 41
Waking up
Why Shakespeare Matters
Prudence and Parrhesia
She Must Have Touched a Nerve
Email from Cameroon
Finding Space
One Thing Leads to Another
I’m Getting Better at This
So You Went Out on a Date and …
Breakdown Precedes Breakthrough
Guest Speaker
Imagining My Wake
This Is What I Can Do
What You Understand Depends on Where You Stand
March 14
My Psychic Powers Acknowledged in This Morning’s Email
An Unbelievable Outgoingness of Heart
Wishing You an Un-Great Experience
Dear Isabel/2
“What Would You Think about…?”
Dear Doctor Marwaha
She’s Had a Good Nocturnal Run
Miss You
You’ve Been Warned
Beethoven, Smiling
With the Sangha
After Reading Levertov’s Poem on the 1972 Christmas Bombing
Alive beyond Alive
When People Leave Town
She Should Have Won the National Book Award
In a Parallel Universe
Gatha for Mayuko, Takeshi, Minami, and Me
Women Pallbearers
The Real United States
Texting through the Tears
I Daydream at Coffee Cartel, Seeing…
To a Friend in West Africa
He’s a Work-in-Progress
Poems Overheard Last Night
Books I’ve Given to Others
Deep Listening
Thinking of You and Anna Politkovskaya
The Power of Bollywood Shmaltz
You and Monseñor
Dear 1L
After Class
The Little There Is To Do
What Gets Our Attention and What Doesn’t
The Heart Has Its Reasons
Wonderful News
Don’t Get Rattled by Samsara
On the Phone with Hedy
He Would Have Preferred That She Just as Soon Spit on Him
It Was Love at First Haiku
Sometimes and Other Times
Another Yom Kippur
Three Syllables
You Say You Want a Revolution?
The Way It Is
You’d Make Moshe Proud
Message She Sent Me at Midnight
Beeko’s Daily Reminder on a 3 by 5 Index Card
Share the Wealth: “Quiero ver” (Let me see) with Ale Vazquez
Inspired at the London Tea Room on a Friday Afternoon
The Affordable Care Act Won’t Help Me Here
Dear Mark
Sealing the Deal
There Is No Way to Gentleness, Gentleness Is the Way
How to Live
Dear Monseñor
Yours Truly
Hedy and Heine
She Sends Me a Universal Gatha
A Frenzied Gut
Seventy Times Seven
This Is Workable
Texting My Best Friend in Bakersfield
One Person Can Change Everything for Us
Two Teachers
Summer’s Lease
Present Moment, Only Moment
The Bell Is for All of You
Share the Wealth
Cheer Up
Decades before Marie Kondo
Paradise and Inferno
With the Barakats
Text Message Exchange with Dr. Sheth Who Resides in Washington, D.C.
The Tender, The Indomitable
How Sha Li Concluded Her Email
This Is It/2
Postface by Walt Whitman
Some Notes

–forthcoming early fall