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Month: August, 2012

Annie Fitzgerald, What Would Juan de la Cruz Say to This?

Bhakti is the one essential thing. Who can ever know God through reasoning? I want love of God. What do I care about knowing His infinite glories? One bottle of wine makes me drunk. What do I care about knowing how many gallons there are in the grog-shop? One jar of water is enough to quench my thirst. I don’t need to know the amount of water there is on earth.

–Sri Ramakrishna

You’re Going So Far Away, But…

When I look in my heart, I find you there!
When I meet 90 new students next week, I’ll see you in those looks of expectation and curiosity.
When I come into my home, I see you in a Haiti painting.
When I am too weary with the world in its meanness and delusion, I take refuge in your kindness and aspiration.
When one of my students “likes” an old photo of Mev, I see you in that photo.
When I feel my age, I recall that image of you and your sister sprinting like Olympic champions going west on Laclede in the early morning.

How many people you will touch!
How many people will touch you!
How many truths you will discover!
How many yous you will discover!

Namaste forever
And ever

Snail Mail Scribble for Srimatiji

“My deep dream is to be
An invisible bodhisattva

No web-site with bells and whistles
No 2,000 friends on Facebook

No acclaim
Fame or melodrama Read the rest of this entry »

Ask, the Master said, and you shall receive…

I turn 52 next week.
I could use an infusion of brio, brilliance, and balance.
May I see you?

Querida Aryanna

At last
After thousands of lectures
Tens of thousands of test questions

Innumerable essays, interviews, rotations
You’re now an M.D.
And in the first week of your residency! Read the rest of this entry »

Just This

Bella Levenshteyn

I hope you are …
Smiling (hourly)
Singing (daily)
Laughing (one hundred times a fortnight)




Into the Interior by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

I am your whispered voice
your inside voice
your interior voice
your unheard voice
your unspoken voice Read the rest of this entry »

How You Know Your Soul Is in Trouble by Amy Nuismer

1. you look forward to going to the bathroom to be alone, take off your mask & cry quietly

2. being in the 21st grade and knowing absolutely nothing about happiness

3. being so immersed in your prison you stop noticing what makes your heart sing, or, if you do notice the pang of longing you quickly recruit intellect to crush the rebellion

4. wanting patients to not show up. not have so many problems. finish your bare-bone note & get the hell out.

5. …having so many first world problems to complain about…

–Amy is a 4th year medical student.

Ser Paz

Thích Nhất Hạnh: Si estamos en paz, si somos felices, podemos florecer; y todos, en nuestra familia, en toda la sociedad, se beneficiarán de nuestra paz.

August Introduction to Poets: Lawrence Ferlinghetti

At this month’s Introduction to Poets, it will be my pleasure to share the work of Lawrence Ferlinghetti. His 1958 A Coney Island of the Mind  has sold more than a million copies. We will meet at the home of Bill Quick and Dianne Lee, at 7457 Wise Avenue in Richmond Heights (63117)  on Wednesday 29 August at 7:00 p.m.

Go here for a short biography, selection of poems and bibliography. Read the rest of this entry »