Seven Aphorisms by Sri Anandamayi Ma/Standing for Love by Nima Sheth-Miller

by Mark Chmiel

  1. As the intention, so the reward.
  2. One cannot be sure of the next breath.
  3. Take an about-turn (from looking outward to looking within).
  4. With God’s name on your lips, engage in your work in the world.
  5. The suffering of life is a blessing in disguise.
  6. Whatever happens is equally welcome.
  7. As you play, so you hear.

–Sri Anandamayi Ma

Sri Anadamayi Ma

I love you. You are a miracle in progress. It is always the beginning. I am the US, the WE, the collective and I stand for love, for conviction in the path that leads to it, for hope in all humanity taught by Mother Nature herself who blesses us with a new sunrise each day, a chance to learn from our past and find our paths. Humanity is God, the soul that resides within us all. You are God. You are God, my deepest conviction. I believe there is another level behind what we believe to be “selfish” or “greedy”. All deserve forgiveness. They, us, the same, I. Heaven, perhaps is here, right here on Earth, admist the chaos, for this is how we’ll find each other and when we look deep enough we’ll see reflections of ourselves. We will have found the path of love, of self, when we become dream figures in the waking life of another.

— Nima Sheth