Hold It All

Month: October, 2011

People Power, Then and Now


To advocate human conversation as the means to restore hope to the future is as simple as I can get. But I’ve seen that there is no more powerful way to initiate significant change than to convene a conversation. When a community of people discovers that they share a concern, change begins. There is no power equal to a community discovering what it cares about.  It is easy to observe this in our own lives, and also in recent history. Solidarity in Poland began with a conversation—less than a dozen workers in a Gdansk shipyard speaking to each other about their despair, their need for change, their need for freedom. Read the rest of this entry »

Morning at Wash U with Shahrnush Parsipur

Matt Miller invited to me to an event today at Wash U. Students and people from the community met with Shahrnush Parsipur, one of the foremost writers in Iran. Fatima Keshavarz translated the question and answer for 75 minutes, as people freely asked her what was on their minds.

I was impressed with her presence, conscience, and devotion to her path.

I jotted down a few things from her generous responses….

Writing is a lonely pursuit, you do it alone. She reminded me of Proust in Time Regained, “Real books should be the offspring not of daylight and casual talk but of darkness and silence.” Read the rest of this entry »