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Month: January, 2011

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Palestine in Pieces

When several of us went to work with the International Solidarity Movement in 2003, my friend Pat Geier observed that her going raised the anxiety level of her friends in Louisville.  Because she was headed into a possibly dangerous conflict zone, her friends began to pay more serious attention to what was going on there. That said, I can strongly recommend Kathleen and Bill Christison’s recent book Palestine in Pieces to anyone who has made a first trip to Palestine as well as to those people who’ve had their anxiety and awareness  raised by such travelers.

For example, I think of Matt Miller and Nima Sheth who spent a week on the West Bank in 2008 and a day in Gaza in 2009; Kelly McBride who visited the West Bank for three days in 2009; and J’Ann Allen and Sandra Tamari, who just returned from Cairo where they and 1400 other internationals had gathered to march to Gaza. I’m guessing that each of them knows at least a score of people who were made more aware of the injustices the Palestinians face daily.

Years ago, the Christisons were analysts with the Central Intelligence Agency.  Their journey into solidarity with the Palestinians’ struggle for freedom has been a long, gradual, and humbling one.  Having made seven visits to the West Bank and Gaza since 2003, the Christisons bring to this book familiarity on the ground, critical analysis, and passion commensurate with the oppression inflicted on the Palestinians. It’s instructive and intriguing to read how a couple once ensconced in the foreign policy establishment came to such clarity about this asymmetrical conflict. Read the rest of this entry »